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The payment for the ordered services must be made in the account RO94INGB0000999907529038  DUMITRESCU F ANCA PFA. The report with de interpretation of the astrology charts or the Tarot reading will be sent by email.


  • Multiple Tarot readings
  • The Natal Astrology Chart and its interpretation
  • The Relationship Astrology Chart and its interpretation
  • Predictive Astrology: Progressed Astrology Chart, Transit Astrology Chart, Solar Revolution, Astrology Directions

Recommended readings:

  • The Natal Astrology Chart and a complex Tarot card reading
  • The Natal Astrology Chart and at least one Predictive Astrology Chart
  • The Relationship Astrology Chart and a relationship reading in the Tarot
  • Two Tarot readings, a general one (such as the Celtic Cross, the Great Priestess or the Big Wheel) and a specialized one.
  • When ordering at least two services, you will be entitled for a discount.


The Progressed Astrology Chart takes into account the personal planets, namely Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Transit Astrology Chart takes into account the slow motion planets, namely Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

The Solar Revolution consists of making one-year forecasts by generating a new chart that has the Sun at the same degree and minute as the Sun in natal chart (preferably just before your birthday)

 By calculating the Astrology Directions are identified the most important years in a person's life (from the point of view of health, development, personal life, professional, material, health)

TarotExpert offers customized services to clients of at least 18 years of age. Each person is unique and treated as such and all the clients’ data will be strictly confidential!

Types of Tarot readings:

The Simple Cross

A six cards reading, designed to answer specific questions.

The Celtic Cross

It includes 10 cards and gives an overview of the medium or long-term prospects, both general and specific (love, family, career)

The Secret of the High Priestess

It is an alternative to the Celtic Cross and includes 9 cards. The last card remains hidden until the end. This card is the secret of the High Priestess, that is revealed only if it is a card of the Major Arcana.

The Path

The Path reading includes 7 cards and offers information about a situation, opportunities and risks, inner and outer attitudes, and what the subject should do in reality.

The Game of Relationships

It is an alternative of The Path reading. This time, the Significator card shows what characterizes a relationship, wile the rest of the cards indicate the conscious, subconscious and outer attitudes of the two partners.

The Hagall reading

With its 10 cards, the Hagall reading gives answers if you face a major, material or spiritual crisis, and shows your inner strength to overcome your situation.

The Four Aces reading

A 12-card reading that uses the four aces and the cards of the Major Arcana to reveal the priorities for your career, personal relationships, the conflicts in your life and your financial problems.

The Future of a Relationship reading

A simple, four-card reading that tells you what you can expect from a romantic relationship with a certain person.

What are His / Her Intentions? reading

A 5 cards reading that offers insight about the intentions of a new acquaintance and the type of relationship you can have.

What is His / Her Opinion about You? reading

This type of reading, which includes 5 cards, is useful for a romantic relationship, when you want to know what your partner feels and what your expectations can be. This reading is also useful in questions related to your career.

You and Your Relationship reading

This 6 cards reading shows the way you position yourself regarding your relationship, the advantages and disadvantages, the possibilities that you have and what you can do to change your relationship to the better.

The How to Overcome the Breakup? reading

This 7 cards reading offers insight and tips to make the breakup easier.

The Full Description of a Relationship reading

A complex reading, consisting of 19 cards, that provides a complete description of a relationship, with a prediction period of several months.

The Big Wheel reading

A complex 30 cards reading,  that gives information about the past, present, future, family, personal, professional an social life.


Correct Questions:

What can I do to find the right partner / to reconcile with my husband / to find a job?

How can I improve my relationship with my husband / children / parents?

Does my husband / boyfriend / business partner mislead me?

Starting from my current situation / attitude, what prospects of success do I have?

Invalid questions:

Will I ever meet the great love / Will I ever be happy? / Will I ever be rich?

Send an order at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. containing:

The question and the reading of your choice

Your full name, date, hour and place of birth, optionally a photo of yourself or of the person you want the reading. In case of a two-partner consultation, send photos of the both partners. All data will remain confidential.

It is best to order two readings, a general one (such as the Celtic Cross, the High Priestess or the Big Wheel) and a specialized one. In this case, the second reading will benefit of a discount rate.

For more information send a message at:

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