mprteasaI’m Anca Dumitrescu, a professional astrologer with over 30 years experience in Tarot reading, author and founder of the for romanian users and for international users.

I am a foreign news journalist, with two bachelor degrees and also a certified translator. Throughout my career, I have published thousands and thousands of articles, and I am currently collaborating with two prestigious media websites in Romania, including in the space science field.

Astrology is predisposing but not imposing, God has given people the possibility of free will. That's why I strongly believe that through astrology and Tarot reading people have the opportunity to get to know themselves better by becoming aware of their qualities and vulnerabilities, to find out when they have the best prospects for development and how they should proceed, so they can make informed decisions.

Thus, the role of astrology is to help people in this amazing journey called Life, so beautifully described by the 22 Tarot cards of the Major Arcana, through the journey of the Fool, from his birth and his first steps into the unknown until his complete fulfillment represented by the World card.

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