Trei de CupeAries

Three of Cups

The Three of Cups is representative of friendships and collegiate, harmonious relationships. It is a time when you are open to helping others, which in turn means that others are open to helping you..

The Three of Cups heralds a very sociable period. You will find a harmonious balance between meeting your commitments and spending quality time with friends and family. You may also be celebrating something special, such as a birth, engagement, wedding, re-union, or birthday.

Marele PreotAries

The Hierophant

The Hierophant is the masculine version of the Great Priestess and referes to a master and the learning of practical lessons from the study of the laws of nature. The energy of this card points to some kind of resource that can reveal the secrets of life, the cycles of the Moon, the links between human beings and the spirits.

În the Middle Age, the monasteries were the only places a person could learn to read and write, so the Hierophant was the one to whom a student would come for help. This card advises you to return to the role of a meticulous student, to gain knowledge through study, to gain respect and recognition.

Doi de CupeAries

Two of Cups

The Two of Cups shows the beauty and power that is created when two become one. The card reflects balance, mutual respect and harmony in relations with one another..

The Two of Cups typically points towards a relationship that is based on mutual attraction and romantic inclinations. In a reading, this is often a beautiful start to a new romance in which you will experience understanding, harmony and deep love between two souls.


The Emperor

The Emperor, the partner of the Empress, symbolizes the Masculine Principle and the Patriarch. He represents power and authority, and his stern attitude is quite different from the sensual beauty of the Empress.

This card is a symbol of experience and suggests that you or a person near you is worthy of listening to because he has seen the consequences of his actions.

Rege SpadeAries

King of Swords

The King of Swords is a symbol of intellectual power and authority, and has the courage and intellect to accomplish all that he desires. He represents judgement, command, and rulership.

The King of Swords suggests that you need to adopt a very stern but fair role. You have clarity of mind and can perceive the truth right now, so you must take the lead with providing an objective point of view. You are well-positioned to judge your situation appropriately and identify the limiting behaviours that are getting the way.

Opt de BagheteAries

Eight of Wands

Now you have the freedom and space to move forward with your plans and activities. The Eight of Wands is a card full of energy and dynamism, that propels you forward to reach your goals at a much faster pace than ever before. You will be very busy but enthusiastic and energetic about your progress.

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Zece de CupeAries

Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups embodies happiness, joy, contentment and emotional fulfilment, particularly in the area of your relationships and family. It represents almost an idyllic state of peace, harmony and love where all your dreams and wishes have come true and you are delighting in your good fortune. Given it is a Ten, this card indicates attainment of this idyllic state so stop for a moment to appreciate everything that you have accomplished and be incredibly grateful for the blessings that fill your life right now.

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The Magician

The Magician symbolizes wisdom, skills, and the consciousness of your own value. It shows that it is a time when we are able to cope with the most difficult endeavors and to look at challenges with a courage and wisdom of life.

The Magician embodies the power of consciousness, without neglecting the other forces that we are not aware of. In mythology, the Magician is represented by the god Mercury. He is a gifted speaker, he could be a good public person and a skillful salesperson. Mercury is the god of the thieves, he has fast hands and he gives the impression that he can have healing powers, even if sometimes they can prove untrue.


The Empress

The Empress symbolizes creation in all its forms, from love life, art, to material goods. The Magician signifies the idea, the Great Priest is the one who gives shape, and the Empress is the uterus in which this idea takes shape and waits  to be born. The Symbol of the Empress is Venus, the goddess of beauty and love.

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As de CupeAries

Ace of Wands

You are feeling incredibly inspired and enthusiastic about pursuing a new idea or project that you have in mind. Use your creative energy and passion to take the first steps and get this project underway.

Even if you like to have everything planned out before you begin down a certain path, the Ace of Wands is encouraging you to listen to your instincts and follow your gut. Start with a few basic actions to get things underway, and then continue to grow and develop your ideas through more complex actions later on. The important thing is that you act now, rather than spending more time planning or researching.

apte de SpadeAries

Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords is a card of deception and betrayal. It indicates the difficulty of trying to get away with something undetected and unnoticed. Often when you do something in secret, hoping that you are safe and undiscovered, something goes awry and your secret is revealed to your embarrassment.

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