Mercur in TaurMercury will transit Taurus from 6 May to  21 May, making our thinking more stable and down to earth. Common sense will prevail comparing to overstate attitudes and our way of communication will be more deliberate.

We will stick to the known, tested methods, instead of looking for new ones. During this cycle, concentrating on one goal at a time will simplify our lives, but we will have to avoid becoming too conservative, stubborn or narrow thinking.

Luna Noua 320x200 2The New Moon that takes place on 4 May in Taurus will form a positive aspect with Neptune and will be good for spiritual and creative activities.

A New Moon signifies the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new one of 28 days. The conjunction between the Sun and the Moon offers a fresh flow of energy and initiative, so it will be an excellent moment to start a new project. This is also true for letting go of old habits, behaviors or beliefs that doesn’t represent us anymore.

The Sun in sectile with Neptune will highlight our sensibility and capacity to understand people and situations. The empathy and receptivity will benefit our relationships and the understanding will be almost non-verbal.

Saturn in CapricornSaturn turned retrograde today, in Capricorn, until 18 September, and will make us to reanalyze our responsibilities and engagements in contrast with our wish to solve them right away.

An augmentation of our feelings of guilt and doubt it is possible, but the following period will be an excellent opportunity to reanalyze our tasks.

Saturn entered in retrograde motion in Capricorn shortly after Pluton did so in the same sign. These two serious planets in retrograde motion in the same time signal a heavy energy that could bring profound transformations in the astrological house occupied by Capricorn in your natal chart.

PlutonPluto turns retrograde until 3 October, in Capricorn, and this change will initially provoke confusion, heaviness and will amplify our problems.

Overall, this cycle will be an excellent opportunity for research, documentation and finding out what are our self-destructing tendencies, and the outer pressures will ease down. In the following months, we will reanalyze the way we use our energy and our power.

venus in berbecVenus will transit Aries from April 20 to 15 May and will make the love relationships more spontaneous and direct.

The chase will be very exciting to us under this fiery influence. We will be bold, fresh and a little impatient in the matters of the heart. In Aries, we won’t look back. We won’t apologize or think to the past. We will make things happen right away.

Aries is known for its love of the chase and the conqueror spirit, but Aries love can be longstanding as long as it remains fresh in its spirit.

Aries is blunt in his reactions, but his energy is rarely mean or petty. Its just important to him to say what he thinks.

taurusThe Sun will transit Taurus from April 20 to 21 May and will become more methodical, sensual and receptive.

During this transit, the Sun is most active when it is defending himself and his possesions, incuding people, or resisting things!

As the Sun moves through Taurus, when plants become stronger, our determination and security needs are also strong. Taurus is loyal to all that is familiar and he apreciate longevity. The less pleasant side of Taurus is his possessiveness and bullheadedness.

Luna plina1The Full Moon that takes place on 19 April in Libra is in opposition with Uranus, which means that our need of change or liberty makes us jumpy and our unpredictable behavior could provoke tensions in our relationships.

This Full Moon also forms difficult aspects with Venus and Mercury that highlight the lack of balance in love relationships and the communication problems.

Mercury in AriesMercury will transit Aries from 17 April to 6 May and will reduce our interest for objective points of view or explanations.

Instead, we will be interested to make firm decisions fast. Our thoughts and ideas will be bold and innovative. The bold and courageous Aries will make us to express our points of view straightforward and we will have spontaneity, maybe too much!

The negative side of this transit will be the lack of patience, the impulsivity and the tendency to express harsh words or to be too judgmental, without thinking too much about hurting someone.

jupiterJupiter enters in retrograde motion, which will last until 11 August. During this period, we will tend to rethink our plans and objectives in the areas affected by Jupiter’s transit.

We will question things that we thought we knew, developing new beliefs about what happened. It will help realizing where we make excesses and slowing down some activities that are going on too fast. Reality will set in and our enthusiasm will be replaced by realism and practical thinking.

Luna Noua 320x200 2The New Moon that will take place on 5 April, in Aries, brings along an energy specific for this sign that is the wish for change, for action, of starting over. We’ll probably feel an urge to let go of the past, to let go of the convictions that prevent us going forward and to remove the obstacles that are blocking us.

On the New Moon, we’ll have the opportunity to adopt a new way of life and evolve. Lately, we had at our disposal a strong flow of energy, released by the Super Moon of March that will continue its influence until de Full Moon of 19 April. Now we are in the middle of this influence.

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