astro5October will be a month with new beginnings, but not necessarily from the ground level. Instead, we will enter in a new phase of out plans or projects that we have already started this year, and our relationships will be our focus.

During this period, we will have the chance to look our dreams, hopes and wishes from a new perspective, and our attention will go to people that mean something to us and wish them close. That’s because Venus, de planet of love and relationships, that goes retrograde on 5 October until 16 November.

balantaThe Sun entered Libra on 22 September, where it will stay until 23 October. Libra favors the harmonious relationships, negotiations and compromises. Our focus will be on finding balance through our relationships and art.

Libra is the sign of peace, but peace is not always possible when Libras try to rebalance a situations.

The decisions could be difficult when the Sun is in Libra, because we will try too hard to take into account the both sides of a situation, and this process could be endless!

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Full Moon on 24 September: We have to confront our fears

MercurMercury enters Libra on 22 September and will make as more diplomatic and friendly. In the next period, we will be more rational in our relationships and we will improve our negotiating skills.

We will have de tendency to see the both sides of a situation, so we will struggle to make fast decisions. We will also tend to make concessions to easily in order to maintain harmony.

The positive side of this period will be the chance to reach to balanced solutions.

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Full Moon on 24 September: We have to confront our fears

Luna plina1The Full Moon that will take place on 24 September, on 2 degrees in Aries, will be strongly influenced by Saturn and will push us to confront our fears.

That is because a square formed between the Full Moon and Saturn will have a restrictive effect on our feelings and our relationships. Chiron conjunct with the Full Moon will tie our fears with an old wound in our soul, probably from our childhood.

Luna Noua1The New Moon that will take place on 9 September, in Virgo, brings opportunities and success, and its influence, enhanced by a sextile between Jupiter and Pluto, will touch its climax on 12 September.

Take care, though, because an opposition between the New Moon and Neptune can cause disillusions, confusions and fears. Resolving these issues will allow us to focus on the objectives of the New Moon. The positive influences will be stronger than the bad ones, and the New Moon will help us to discover hidden issues and to defeat our fears, leading us to trust in our strength and our chances to succeed.

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astro4After many eclipses and retrogrades that took place during this summer, September brings the opportunity to clear thins up and to leave behind the energy burden that we have accumulated.  During this month, we will have de chance to organize, to plan and to think over what we should to next.

September bears the vibration of the number 9 that in numerology signifies the ending of a phase before another one could begin.

Luna plina1The Full Moon that will take place on the night of 26 -27 August, in Pisces, will be one of the most beneficial of this year, with an impulse of creative, romantic energy.

After the strong influence of the three Eclipses and the record number of planets in retrograde motion, we are starting to feel some kind of relief. Now, that the worst is gone, we will start to feel grateful for what we have.

astro3Venus enters Libra on 6 August

Venus will stay in Libra from 6 August until 9 September. We will tend to use our personal charm instead of aggression, to get what we want. Although Venus in Libra lives for relationships, this energy will have an air of detachment.  

We will be willing to serve the others, to negotiate and make compromises. In love, we will be idealists and we will prefer to be fair in our actions.

What does the Tarot say about August

astro8August will be a complicate month, with no less than six planets in retrograde motion and a partial solar eclipse.

Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will be retrograde, with only Venus and Jupiter in direct motion. The two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, are never in retrograde motion.

What is the meaning of these retrograde planets, what can we expect and what can we do?

During this month, we will have a lot of tensions, challenges, emotions and all the planets suggest that we need to make some changes. Even if we don’t want to, life will make us to adopt them.

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eclipsa lunaOn 27 July will take place a total lunar eclipse, the longest of the 21st century, which will last an hour and 43 minutes because the Moon will be near its apogee.

In addition, in the same night, the planet Mars will have one of the best visibilities in the last decade. The red planet will have the greatest glow in the last 15 years due to its proximity to Earth.

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