MercurMercury, the messenger of gods, goes retrograde from 26 July to 19 August, in Leo. Every time it goes retrograde, Mercury enters in the realm of underworld, into the depth of our soul, to visit old secrets, clues and information that need to be reanalyzed.

In his journeys, Mercury has to collect old messages, some of them lost and some of them unheard the first time.

venus 1Venus is in Virgo from July 9-August 6

During this period we express our love through practical means and gestures, doing some detail work, or being there for our loved ones.

With Venus in Virgo, love needs to make sense and have a purpose. Virgo is an Earth sign, which is sensual, but also practical.  Besides our romantic natures, what we decide to buy or invest and the types of entertainment we enjoy during this period is ruled by our practical sense.

Eclipsa partiala soareJuly is a busy month, with two Eclipses and five planets in retrograde motion, and with all this energy we need to keep our balance and stay focused on what we should do.

The Eclipses always signal major changes and transformations. People feel Eclipses differently, but their intensity cannot be missed.

The last Eclipses took place in January-February, so what happened then will probably return now for closure. You will see now that what happened then will come back in a new form and you will probably solve the problems once and for all.

Luna plina1The Full Moon takes place on June 28 in the earth sign of Capricorn. Realism, stability and hard work are the key words of this Full Moon and that is what we have to do during this period.

Where were we at the beginning of the year with our energy, profession, family, relations or friends? The energy of the June Full Moon will be the culmination of the energies present at the beginning of the year. Everything we have learned and worked during this year is being clarified and transformed to make further progress.

Marte 320x200Mars goes retrograde from June 26-August 27, 2018 in the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn. Mars is the planet of action and motivation, so when it shifts into retrograde we feel its influence really strong.

Everything seems to slow down and we may lose our motivation to move on, but, although it may seem a disadvantage, it is a gift, because it seems that the Universe offers us the opportunity to take a break and analyze our actions before we move on.

Mars retrograde requires us to consider whether our actions are really helpful or just prevent us from creating the life we ​​want.

Marte 320x200The week June 25 - July 1 marks two important astrological events, the entry of Mars into a seemingly retrograde movement and the Full Moon, followed by Mercury's entry in Leo. How will these aspects influence us?

Mars enters in retrograde motion on June 26

Mars will retrograde in Aquarius in the June 26 - August 12 interval, and then in Capricorn until August 27. During this period our energy and actions will be slowed down, just as it happens with communications and transports when Mercury is in retrograde motion.

Mercur in RacThe Week of 11-17 June will be rich in astrological events with two planets, Mercury and Venus, that will change signs, the New Moon and a rare semi-square between Uranus and Neptune. Let's look at this aspects one at a time to see what influence will have on us.

Mercury enters Cancer on June 12

Mercury enters Cancer on June 12 and will remain in this sign until June 29. When Mercury is in Cancer we tend to move from the desire for quantity of information to quality information. We think, talk and receive information at a deeper level, instinctual. We have less interest in what is universal, and more interest in what affects us personally and what affects the people around us.  Our thoughts are influenced by emotions and it is harder for us to be objective.

Luna Noua1The New Moon that will form on 13 June in the sign of Gemini, at 22 degrees and 44 minutes, means good news! The planetary aspects do not complicate its position, but it will be influenced by no less than eight important fixed stars, and the New Moon will be right in the middle of them!

Thus, the New Moon brings us luck and protection, long-lasting happiness and notoriety. The New Moon is the right time to set new goals, so it's the best time to start a new project, because the stars support our business skills.

Uranus 320x200Revolutionary Uranus has entered in the sign of Taurus for less than a month, where will remain for seven years, and has already begun to bring tensions in the world economy and to reshape the crust of the Earth!

That's because Taurus represents peace, normality, food, nature, values ​​and standards. Uranus means revolt, chaos, unexpected changes, destruction, tyranny, and perversity. Uranus also governs the groups of people, social causes and activism, so it is possible to see an upsurge of the street demonstrations and protests.

rate mandarineMandarin ducks, the symbol of love and devotion

Mandarin ducks are some of the world's most famous water birds, are originated from Asia and are also called the Far East Rainbow. Asians call them Yin-Yang ducks and they symbolize love, romance, devotion and fidelity to the partner, being often used to help people find their partner.

These ducks have exquisite color and live in China, the Korean Peninsula, Japan and eastern Siberia, but have recently being adopted by other nations such as the British. An interesting fact is that mandarin ducks form pairs for life, thus representing eternal love.

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