Luna Noua 320x200 2The New Moon that will take place on 5 April, in Aries, brings along an energy specific for this sign that is the wish for change, for action, of starting over. We’ll probably feel an urge to let go of the past, to let go of the convictions that prevent us going forward and to remove the obstacles that are blocking us.

On the New Moon, we’ll have the opportunity to adopt a new way of life and evolve. Lately, we had at our disposal a strong flow of energy, released by the Super Moon of March that will continue its influence until de Full Moon of 19 April. Now we are in the middle of this influence.

 The New Moon in Aries is usually the best time to express our personality, to set goals, to start projects and to make plans for the future.

Aries means courage, leadership and action and the Moon in Aries is super charged with energy.

There is a problem though, the square between the New Moon and Saturn in Capricorn that suggests that before victory, whatever the area of life, social, professional or love, we have to overcome some challenges.

Those that are depressed, pessimists or have a low level of self-esteem, the New Moon could discourage them more. The best way in this case is to confront their fears and leave them behind once and for all.  

Others could feel the weight of too many responsibilities that prevent them to be successful. In this case, the New Moon is a test for their character, asking them to fulfill their tasks with responsibility and determination. 

In conclusion, the New Moon in Aries offers us chances of kindness, happiness and success, but all these will have to be earned!

A New Moon represents the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, of four weeks, that brings fresh energy, so it’s a very good occasion for a new beginning!

The influence of the New Moon will be felt until de New Moon of 4 May. The best period to start something new is the first two weeks of this lunar cycle that is until the Full Moon of 19 April.

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