Luna plina1The Full Moon that takes place on 19 April in Libra is in opposition with Uranus, which means that our need of change or liberty makes us jumpy and our unpredictable behavior could provoke tensions in our relationships.

This Full Moon also forms difficult aspects with Venus and Mercury that highlight the lack of balance in love relationships and the communication problems.

 The Sun conjunct with Uranus brings emotions, unexpected changes and a need of freedom. We might experience a strong need to break free of our routine and to do something completely different. However, an opposition between the Moon and Uranus announces sudden changes or events.

Pleasant surprises or exciting experiences are possible, but also a tendency to take unnecessary risks or to reject authority. Also, there are possible violent reactions or conflicts that could put us, or our reputation in danger, in extreme cases, of course.

The Moon conjunct with Venus enhances our need for affection, but also the tensions in couple. The reason is a discrepancy between the love we offer and the love that we receive. During this period, temptations could appear for affaires, food indulgers or other excesses.

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