Luna Noua 320x200 2The New Moon that takes place on 4 May in Taurus will form a positive aspect with Neptune and will be good for spiritual and creative activities.

A New Moon signifies the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new one of 28 days. The conjunction between the Sun and the Moon offers a fresh flow of energy and initiative, so it will be an excellent moment to start a new project. This is also true for letting go of old habits, behaviors or beliefs that doesn’t represent us anymore.

The Sun in sectile with Neptune will highlight our sensibility and capacity to understand people and situations. The empathy and receptivity will benefit our relationships and the understanding will be almost non-verbal.

 Also, the New Moon will sustain the group activities and the spiritual ones and will enhance our intuition.

Another important aspect is an opposition between Mars and Jupiter that will give us power, courage and power of attraction. Pay attention though, because we will tent to assume unnecessary risks. Selfishness, greedy and overconfidence could lead to loses and awkward situations.

The Moon will also be in sextile with Neptune, giving us high standards and idealism, mitigating our possible selfish or greedy reactions brought by the opposition between Mars and Jupiter.

The influence of this New Moon will be felt in the next four weeks, until the 3 June New Moon. The best period to start new things will be in the following two weeks of this new lunar cycle, until the 18 May Full Moon.

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